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Hochzeiger Gruppotel Alte Post Ferienhaus

Holiday home

The kitchen

a well-equipped gastronomy kitchen with approx. 50 m² awaits you:

Electric stove with 4 plates, convection oven with steam function GN 1/1, two large refrigerators, a freezer,  Microwave, 2 L filter coffee machine, Nespresso capsule coffee machine, many large pots and pans, griddle, dishwasher, vegetable cutter, sausage and bread slicer, 2 deep fryers, each 10 L

Dish towels, floor wipes and cleaning cloths are available in sufficient numbers and are washed several times free of charge with the towels from the toilet rooms. 

The souvenir

You need bed linen and towels.

You can also do this for  

Rent € 10.00/person.

Sleeping bags are not allowed for hygienic reasons.  

Don't forget to bring:

Toilet paper, dishwashing tabs, detergents, 150 L garbage bags, charcoal

Hotelbett Kissen
The Postbus - group registration

Groups of 15 or more people must register the day before to ensure transport.  

In the winter:

  • Report to Auderer Hannes (Auderer Reisen) +43 (0) 650 667 03 20



  • Report to Postbus +43 (0) 5442 644 22 12 (Imst: Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.) or +43 (0) 5442 644 22 14 (Landeck: Monday to Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.: 12:00 a.m.) or by email to

This registration applies to all lines and connections.

Here are the current bus times

the catering

If you prefer to be pampered with catering from time to time, I can recommend the S' Pfandl restaurant .

Or how about pizza?

from the Siglu

Pizzeria Haid  or

Gasthof Wiese

It's delicious, uncomplicated and simply practical. 

Köche diskutieren über Essen

Unser Perlwasser

Seit Generationen beziehen wir unser gesamtes Wasser aus einer eigenen Hochgebirgsquelle, welche von unseren Urgroßeltern erschlossen wurde. 

Unser Wasser überzeugt mit seiner Qualität und Frische!

Daher bieten wir für Selbstversorgergruppen die Möglichkeit an, unser "Perlwaser" (Quellwasser mit Kohlensäure) über unsere Zapfanlage im Speisesaal zu beziehen.

Für € 50,00/Woche oder € 10,00/Tag könnt ihr unser "Perlwasser" unbegrenzt beziehen. 

the suppliers

Our baker delivers fresh bread right to your front door. You can place the order online and bill us directly.  


About our "house and yard  Suppliers" you can order comfortably from home.

whether meat,  Vegetable fruit,  Frozen products, drinks or toilet paper...  the goods are delivered directly to your home without interrupting the cold chain or back pain. Have a look at

On the site you can fill the shopping cart with your desired items and then send us a copy so that we can order the goods for you.  

A small grocery store for the essentials can be found in town. To make other larger purchases, we recommend the large supermarkets in Imst or Wenns, e.g. Hofer,  M price or savings.  

By the way, you get the best spring water from all the pipes in the entire house!

Good to know
  • We offer our guests ultra-fast fiber optic internet for only €7.00/week per person (free supervisor tickets)

  • Arrival is possible from 3:00 p.m

  • Departure by 10:00 a.m. at the latest (the rooms must be vacated by 8:00 a.m. if another group arrives on the day of departure)

  • Deviations in time on request

  • A deposit of € 400.00 must be paid in cash to the landlord upon arrival.  

  • In summer the adjoining holiday apartment is not occupied unless the group also wants to book the adult holiday apartment.  

  • Private laundry can be cleaned at a charge of €3.50/washing or drying cycle.

  • we ask you to wear slippers when entering the upper floors. 

The phone numbers

Here are a few important numbers that you will hopefully not need:

Doctors & medicine chests in the Pitztal

dr Niederreiter (St. Leonhard) +5413/87205

dr Gusmerotti (Jerzens) +5414/86244

dr Unger (WENNs) +5414/87205

dr Gebhard (Arzl) +5414/66120

Medalp Sportclinic Imst +43 699 1611 9988

Zams Hospital +5442/600

Reporting office for alpine accidents (mountain rescue) 140

Erste-Hilfe-Kasten auf rosa BG
The drinks

From us on it does happen that you run out of drinks, then luckily we can help out.  

For larger quantities, we ask for "advance warning"  

STIEGL Goldbräu

from the barrel € 75.00 for 25 liters

STIEGL Goldbräu

in the box € 25.00 for 20 bottles 0.5L


in the box € 32.00 for 20 bottles 0.5L

COLA, FANTA, SPRITE 1 L each for € 2.50/bottle

Bier vom Fass


Leider haben wir schlechte Erfahrungen gemacht.  Daher bitten wir zu beachten , dass in unserem Gruppotel keine Hunde (egal welche Größe) erlaubt sind. 

Vielen Dank für Ihr Verständnis.

Hund im Regenmantel

Our kitchen

gastronomiekueche ferienhaus edelstahl groß gemeinsames kochen
gewerbe spuelmaschine ferienhaus gruppen

Partying is allowed , but we can not have boisterous parties until late at night

tolerate in our house,

because the Gruppotel Alte Post is located in the middle of the local area.

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