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Our ecological one

ökoligische Fußabdruck Gruppotel Alte Po

Even if the foundation walls of our holiday home are 400 years old, we want to keep up with the times and use the resources available to reduce our CO² footprint as much as possible.

Sonnenkollektoren auf dem Dach

Solar system

for hot water & heating

With the construction of our solar system on the roof, we were able to reduce our heating oil consumption

approx. 30% per year

reduce ,

and thus

Save 8.7 tons of CO2 per year .

Spring Mountain

Micro hydropower plant

With the excess water from our own high mountain spring, we generate around 3,500 kWh of electricity per year

This results in a saving of 1.4 tons of CO2 per year


Battery storage

In order to be able to use our solar power perfectly even at night, we have installed a battery storage system with 30 kW capacity in addition to the photovoltaic system

This allows us to maintain emergency operation for many hours even in the event of a power failure



Our system has a total output of

17.6 kwp

There are 29 panels on the roof and 27 panels on the balconies

84 m² of pure solar power !

We save the environment around 3 tons of CO2 per year



For generations we have drawn all of our water from a high mountain spring

which was opened up by our great-grandparents

The water temperature at the source of the spring is "zapfige"

2 degrees

Our water convinces with its quality and freshness


Arrival without a car

Our community is located in the middle of the Kaunergrat nature park and Natura 2000 quiet area in the Ötztal Alps

Thanks to our optimal connection to the public transport network

Arriving by train and bus is uncomplicated

and even free of charge with the Pitztal Leisure Pass

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